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From our Principal

As principal of Gisborne Intermediate I am proud to be leading a school that works in partnership with parents in preparing our young people for living in the 21st century.

Our school focuses on meeting the unique characteristics and needs of the emerging adolescent.  We provide high quality teaching and learning programmes and numerous opportunities for students to experience and excel in sporting, cultural and leadership activities. We encourage our students to take risks, to go out of their comfort zones and be exposed to new experiences.

There is a clear focus on academic excellence for every student, concentrating on ensuring that all students learn and achieve at the highest possible level in the core areas of Literacy and Numeracy. Our Inquiry Learning programme ensures students develop their information-processing skills and problem-solving skills and enables them to critically reflect on their learning strategies.

Our Vision states that “students will become active and highly successful participants in the learning process”. All of our teaching and learning approaches focus on ‘learning how to learn’ and ‘learning how to think’  with students being aware of where they are up to and aware of the next steps in their learning. These are skills that are essential to enable our students to become lifelong learners and who are optimistic about the future.

We ensure we regularly celebrate effort, success and achievement. We also make sure that pastoral care is a priority to ensure all students’ needs are met within a physically safe and emotionally secure classroom and school environment. Gisborne Intermediate is a place where everyone is important and respected for who they are.

We believe that education is a partnership between home and school and welcome and encourage parents and caregivers into our school. If you would like to visit and have a look around please contact the office so that we can organise either a staff member or a student to accompany you.

Kind regards

Don Niven